Are you a KISSmate?

Are you a KISSmate?

What is a KISSmate? A KISSmate is the person who sits on the rocks and watches as their significant other disappears into the unknown. You’ve given up precious suitcase space so the most important member of the family “the rebreather” travels comfortably. You have more than likely spent important holidays on a dive trip because it served two purposes, for instance my honeymoon was spent camping at Ginnie Springs a well known cave diving system.

You know the passion your partner has for adventure, especially adventure that takes him beyond cell phone signal.

You’ve shared your partner with a mistress that you can’t compete with.. the ocean/spring/cave… whatever he calls her she’s both enchanting and addicting and when she sends him back to you worn out and weary eyed and full of stories that you can only imagine, you don’t get resentful you get grateful because the alternative is that she keeps him forever.

You may have tried to experience some of his world, if you can’t beat them join them right? But she knows… she senses the difference between those that are committed, hooked, drunk with desire and those that are just trying to look cute in a wetsuit and keep their mask cleared. You enjoyed seeing the ocean life and he babysat you long enough to earn a dive at his level where you can’t go and truthfully your so exhausted from just trying to stay alive you welcome the solitude.

You have learned that he needs this time of exploration and you have also learned to not take it personally when he kisses you goodbye and leaves looking happier than he has in months.

Eventually you will learn more about Rebreathers than you really need to but you’ll also learn how to use his weakness to your advantage. After all, hanging out at a resort with an open tab, eager pool boy and the latest novel from your favorite author isn’t the worst way to spend your time.

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