2 Birds….1 Rebreather

So you know the old saying “Kill two birds with one stone?” Well when you live with the mad scientist behind KISS Rebreathers that is often the way most days go. I’ve mentioned before about vacations doubling as diving adventures but there is also the sacred time alone that I get with my hubby to just hang out and enjoy each others company without a schedule to keep or plans to maintain. That being said, although my always on the go husband does find some down time for his physical self , I’m afraid his mental self (no pun intended…okay maybe a little) is always developing new projects. This often leads to his testing time running in to our alone time, which means I have learned to get used to the idea that our “normal night in” may not look like others. It goes beyond our alone time though and now has just became our normal daily life to never take things at face value.

For instance seeing crock pots lined up and turned on might make you think dinner was cooking, but in our house it means die is being heated up to color aluminum. The treadmill in the corner? Well imagine coming home and your hubby is geared up to dive but running on that instead….nothing unusual there just testing his oxygen sensors and seeing how far he can push himself. Oh and that 55 gallon drum in the backyard full of water? No silly its not for the kids to play in its for your husband to get in with his dry suit on so he can find leaks. Although it is entertaining to watch the kids look in it as he pops out like a jack in the box.

Back to our alone time..yesterday we had some time to hang out on the couch and watch a movie together..something most couples get to do every so often. Just me, Mike, and his latest project. Yup 2 birds, one rebreather.